Translation needed: Polish script to English and Russian Cyrillic Script to English - KLEPFISZ #warsaw #translation

Elizabeth Jackson

Attached are two records:  a birth record and a marriage record for my great aunt Krajndla Frymet Klepfisz.  I am seeking as complete a translation as possible,  I believe the birth record is in Polish, but I think the marriage record is in Cyrillic Russian.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Elizabeth Jackson
Michigan, USA

Kris Murawski

Record No. 681
Signed in Warsaw City District 4 on August 20/September 1, 1865.
Recorded birth on August 13/25, 1865 at house 1101 of Krajndla daughter of husband and wife , Dawid Mordka Klepfisz age 20 residing with his parents at house 1101 and Etta Laia Ruda age 18 now residing with husband.
Witnesses were Wolf Gelender property owner age 30 residing at 917 (he signed) and Mosiek Rotblat tailor age 27 residing at 1460 (he couldn’t write).
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, North Carolina