An outfit/uniform typical of a school or movement? #poland #photographs #belarus


As I am trying to identify the young men in the 1st photo, I noticed how the first young man is dressed; it looks like a part of a uniform. I asked at one of the forums and someone sent me their photo of a man in a similar outfit. That man - in the 2nd photo - was from Slutzk and possibly belonged to a Zionist movement there.
Does anyone know whether this uniform was typical for a certain school, or a movement. For Slutzk or any other places as well? And what is written on the newspaper in the right photo?

Elena Boldyreva,
Toronto, ON, Canada,
Searching for Rogovins/Ragovins/Rogowins


For the newspaper, it looks like Ha-Tsfira, reportedly published in Warsaw from 1874-1931:

Robert Roth
Kingston NY


I am not an expert on the period but the style of shirt is a standard Russian "kosovorotka". Belt worn outside is also pretty standard.

Robert Roth
Kingston, NY