Recommend a book on the origins of the Hungarian Jews? #hungary #general



Can anyone recommend a book in English on the origins of the Hungarian Jews - from the various waves from the Rhine Palatinate, Moravia, Poland. Ukraine, Northern Italy, Spain, the Ottomans, etc. - that is the period of the middle ages through to about 1848?

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Michael Warman (Wahrmann)


The Jews of Hungary: History, Culture, Psychology, by Raphael Patai

Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

michele shari

Interesting that you mention Spain connected to Hungary.
My great grandmother was Roza/Sheva Weiszhauz from Vamospercs, Hungary (married to Joszef Farkas). I was told by a lot of people that the name Weiszhauz was originally Casablanca and the family originated in Spain or Morocco. No proof, but quite interesting still.
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL

Susan J. Gordon

I recommend Jewish Budapest: Monuments, Rites, History, by Kinga Frojimovics , Geza Komoroczy and two others. First pub in Hungarian in 1995; English edition pub 1999 by Central European University Press, Budapest. Lengthy (almost 600 pp), thorough, and excellent, with many images. 

Susan J Gordon
New York
EISMANN - Budapest
BIALAZURKER - Budapest, Zbaraz
LEMPERT - Lvov, Skalat

Vivian Kahn

The Family Tree of Hungarian Jewry by Erno Marton uses census records to trace immigration to Hungary.  It was written in Hungary about 1942 but you can find English translation on-line. Many of the records he cites can be found in Magyar Zsido Okleveltar, an 18-volume compendium of Hungarian Jewish records that Patai also used.

Vivian Kahn
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director


Hello Michael,
I have been doing research in this area for several years. I agree that Patai's book is an excellent summary. However, since your area of interest is extremely large and some relevant material is likely to be in Hungarian, you may have to go country by country and see what you can find. 
Also, it depends on how much detail you want to have.
I would suggest looking at various Atlas publications. The most useful to start with would be "Historical Atlas of Central Europe" by Paul Robert Magocsi.
Anne-Marie Pollowy Toliver (born Balázs)
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Alsoság in Vas county