Help needed finding a grave in Carei-family name FARKAS #hungary #romania

michele shari

Hi JGers,
I am trying to find a grave for a cousin Farkas FARKAS (b. 1850), who also used the first name Wolf and Hebrew name Ze'ev. According to his son David Farkas' Arolson records his died in 1918 and I did find his wife Hani Weiszhausz' grave in Carei (d. 1916). There was also an Israel FARKAS (b. 1865) and we have confusion as to these 2 men and are trying to resolve it with more research and we are hitting a wall. Both men had a father with the name Mayer FARKAS, mothers were both Leah and both were born in Tasnad. According to my family notes that were written by my grandfather (Mayer FARKAS (b. 1894) and his cousin Ferencz FARKAS (b. 1892) they were first cousins, sons of 2 brothers but the records don't support this as yet so I am hoping cemetery records and anything coming online would. I have gotten help from a kind and wonder researcher who has gotten pictures of actual birth registrations but we are still missing information. 
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL
Researching Farkas, Izsak, Weiszhausz, Weiszhauz, Jakab (Tasnad, Margitta, Carei-Transylvania/Romania, and Vamospercs, Hungary)