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I have traced my family tree and discovered that we are not in fact protestant, but Jewish, I believe Ashkenazi from France. I have found that during the time of persecution in France in the 1800s my family changed the spelling of their name and masked as protestant in order to protect themselves and survive.

I am seeking any information I can about the (new spelling) Polain family from Cherbourgh, Manche, Basse-Normandie in France. Head of the family was Alexandre Polain who married Charlotte? They had a daughter named Charlotte Polain b1823/24 at Basse-Normandie. Charlotte married Content Joseph Henri who I have confirmed was Jewish through another's tree I found howver I cannot find any further details for him other than b1817-d1892 but would love to find his place of birth and further information. Together they had a daughter Alexandrina Palmire Henri (changed to Henry) born Basse-Normandie 1842 d1922. She married Pierre Francois Alexandre Quentin who was born 1831 in Nerbourgh France-d1890 in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

I would be ever so grateful if anyone could help me?

Toda raba!
Lamar Quentin.


You need to look for the

- marriage record of Alexandrina Palmire Henri/Henry. It should contain her place and date of birth.

- birth record of Alexandrina Palmire Henri/Henry at her place of birth.

- marriage record of Charlotte and Content Joseph Henri. It should contain their places and dates of birth.

- birth record of Charlotte Polain at her place of birth

- birth record of Content Joseph Henri at his place of birth

- marriage record of Alexandre Polain who married Charlotte?


All this records should be online for free on the websites of the relevant archives départementales.

If you don't know the places of birth or marriage you could look at geneaet or filae, but for filae you need to pay.


archives départementales de la Manche




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