Jonava,Lithuania memorial Book 1972 #lithuania

Diane Jacobs

I am looking forward a copy of a list of names from the Jonava Necrology Database published in Tel-Aviv in 1972.  Looking for the surname Sinko, Shinke and any variations in spellings, along with Chosid / Khosid, Wender / Vender, Iudelovich and Beten.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
Diane  Jacobs




Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey


The book has been translated, largely by me, and appears in English on JewishGen at . 

Jerrold Landau, Toronto Canada


There is a digitized copy of the Jonava Lithuania Memorial Book at the New York Public Library website. Here is the link:

If this link doesn't work, use a search engine to get to the New York Public Library Yizkor Book Collection and search for Jonava.  Susan Goldsmith has done a wonderful job of coordinating the JewishGen Yizkor Book Translation project for the Jonava book.

There is a necrology at the end of the Yizkor Book.  

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, GA