Nurflus-Grinberg family: FRANCE #france #general

Pierre HAHN

on My Heritage Family Trees there is

Birth 14-Feb-1912, Warszawa
Death 12-Sep-1990, Paris

The tree is managed by Claudine Milstein

Pierre M Hahn, San Francisco


Alle the  french Naturalisation  files could be found on the ARCHIVES NATIONALES (France). You can log in by Internet. With the Covid there are now somme problems...
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Jeannette Rapoport

Ccc Ddd

I am trying to find the Nurflus-Grinberg family information.
On, all I can find is about the Nurflus spouse, Grinberg.
I don’t know which is the male and which female.
Grinberg  was born in Warsaw, Poland 14th,Feb 1912.
On the 9th of June,1950, Grinberg received Naturalization in France.
I don’t know if they married in France or Poland
I don’t know which was the family name: Nurflus or Grinberg.
I cannot find anything on Ancestry, JewishGen, Filae, Geneanet nor
anywhere else I have looked.
I have not found them in the Obituaries.
I need some help with this. I don't know where else to look.
Anyone have any ideas?
Thank you in advance!