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Paul Chirlin

I believe that the town of residence is Chabowka Poland which is about 35 miles south of his birth city of Krakow

Paul Chirlin

Mike Coleman

There are a number of hits on Ancestry under "Stanislaw exact and sounds like" and "Pnieczek exact and sounds like", but not the Declaration/Petition.

His WWII Draft Registration Card has him (as Stanley) living at 2034 N Damen Street, born Krakow on 11 Nov 1886.

Mike Coleman   London U.K.



Hi David, 

The naturalization index card you have uploaded  corresponds to the naturalization petition. For the declaration  document you will find the corresponding card attached (found on the Cook County Clerk of court site). 

I do not know if these two documents are  available online (at least I couldn't find them on or but if you are interested in his immigration documents, here are some suggestions based on the information written in the index card, 

Departure from Hamburg

Arrival to NYC

Some observations, 
His birth year is given as 1884 ; his birth place in the US passenger list is given as Krakow although in both  Hamburg and US lists his last residence appears to be a different place. According to the German passenger list he was living in Chabanoka

Regarding your question about possible spellings of the Pnieczek name, you can do a research using "soundex"  or "sounds like" options. Both ancestry and familysearch give results with various spellings. I managed to find many records for Stan Pnieczek this way (WWI & WWii draft cards, 1920,1930,1940 censuses, birth /death records for his children etc.). 

I hope that all these will be helpful  to you in some way. 

Giannis Daropoulos 


Paul Chirlin

This website:  reports
"Get Circuit, County, Criminal, and Superior court naturalization records from the Circuit Court Archives by mail for $3.00. Use petition numbers from the Soundex index to check FamilySearch Records for District Court naturalizations."  

There is a search function for declarations of intent for naturalization in Cook county at Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court: Search the Naturalization Declarations of Intention (
but it does not find your person using the spelling on the index card, which is for naturalizations not petitions.  I did not try all the possible spelling variations and the search does not allow wild cards. It does find a Wawrzmecz Pniaczek, perhaps related

Paul Chirlin


And a related question: the last name is Pnieczek, born in Krakow (I think), though I've seen very few if any hits on that name in most databases.

What alternate spellings might make sense in Polish or other local languages? 

David Mahler


Hi All,

I found the following index record for naturalization:

Could someone explain how I would use this information to find the actual Declaration/Petition?

Thank you (and Happy Passover!),

David Mahler