Can anyone help me figure out these names? #names #records #ukraine

Scott Rothstein

Hello, Valentin. I'm pretty certain that Simon Rothstein had a sister named Dorothea.  I stumbled upon this biography of someone named Lotte Kallenbach-Greller, maiden name Karoline Greller. The text notes that "Karoline Greller's parents were the merchant Nathan Greller (died 1947 at the earliest) and Dorothea Greller, née Rothstein (born on July 20, 1871, died 1947 at the earliest)."  (Google Translate from the German)

The text quotes Kallenbach-Greller from 1946:
“I was born on March 22nd, 1893 in Sadagòra, Bukowina - until 1918 crown land] of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy - as the daughter of Jewish parents of the Mosaic faith. Shortly before I was born, my father, Nathan Greller, emigrated to America together with my mother's brother, Simon Rothstein, because of poor economic conditions, where they both established a respected existence as merchants. Both still live in New Jersey as American citizens." 

Along with the place of birth, Simon Rothstein lived in New Jersey so this is almost certainly him, but Kallenbach-Greller does not mention other brothers of her mother. How did you access the Czernowitz vital records?
Scott Rothstein

Valentin Lupu

Based on my search of Czernowitz vital records (Sadagura was a district of it), I believe the parents are:
- Gerson or Gerschon Rothstein, died on April 20, 1893
- Brana or Breine Graf (or Greif)
The couple had other two children:
- Moses Leib, born in July 7, 1861
- Hersh born on August 4, 1859
According to the document, Simon was born around 1869. In his naturalization paper Simon declared his birth date as Dec. 10th, 1869.

Valentin Lupu


Ok, here's my take:

NY, March 5, 1899
Simon Rothstein
49 India (?) Str. Brooklyn
30 yrs
Saca(zara, gara, yara) (Bukowina)
Gersver Rothstein
Braue (Brane) Grau/v
Regina Lewin
234 E. 7 St.
24 years
Buvzein (?) (Germany)
Salomon Lewin
Amalie Spandau
Rosenthal, Rabbi of the Congr . Sheavith 
B'nai Israel
323 E. 4 str.
Simon Rothestin
Regina Lewin
5th March 1899
Sabinve (Sabine?) Spandau
Chas. Plysey (Plysez?)

Tanya Roland

Scott Rothstein

Thanks to everyone for the replies. Here's the breakdown so far:
Gerson: 6 (Gersven)
Gersen: 1
Geosver: 1
Brane: 7
Brave: 1
Grad: 5
Grav: 3 (alt: 1 Graf)
Grau/Grad: 1
Spandau: 4
Spaudau: 1
Spauran: 1
Spandan: 1
Scott Rothstein


Looking at the names of the witnesses, I think Spandau is a better intrpertation.  Spandau is a suburb of Berlin.

David Rosen
Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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I'm glad that Sherri Bobish disregarded "MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately".

This is how Family Search interprets it :

Mike Coleman   London U.K.

Mike Coleman

I'm glad that Sherri Bobish disregarded "MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately".

This is how Family Search interprets it :

Mike Coleman   London U.K.

Sherri Bobish


My interpretation:

Simon Rothstein
49 India Street, Brooklyn (that's in Greenpoint)
father: Gerson Rothstein
mother: Brane Grau (or Grad)
Regina Lewin
234 E. 7th St.
father: Salomon Lewin
mother: Amalie Spauran (or Spawran)
Rabbi Rosenthal, Congregation Shearith B'nai Israel, 323 E. 4th St.
Witnesses: Salmon Spander and Charles Peysey

My guess is that "Salmon Spander" is related to Amalie.  The surname Spander / Spauran is probably really the same name.  Who knows what the actual spelling might be?  That's why soundex searches are so valuable.

First off, spelling didn't count.  Don't worry about vowel shifts in names.

To read more about Sadhora, Ukraine (modern name of town):
For some time before WW1 Sadhora was part of The Austrian Empire.

Regina's birthplace is probably Budzyń, Poland. It was part of Germany before WW1.

You can search The JewishGen Databases for old records of these towns at:

When searching the surname I suggest using a soundex (sounds like search) as spelling could vary widely in the records.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Scott Rothstein

I recently got a copy of my great-grandparents' marriage certificate. It was issued in Manhattan in 1899, and as a bit of a treasure has their parents' names--something I hadn't been quite sure of before.

My problem is that I can't make them out; the document is clear but was written in script that could be interpreted several ways. I'm fairly sure of my great-grandmother's (Regina) parents' names though I'm a little surprised to see "Salomon" rather than "Solomon" and I'm only 90% sure her mother's surname is "Spandau," but for my great-great grandfather... I don't know. The birthplace for my great-grandfather is Sadagora (Bukowina), but they were of German derivation--or so we've always presumed. 

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