Request help with translation of Hebrew marriage certificates #translation

Cindy Yager

Last year, my brother (who was living with my mother when she passed) sent me a bunch of documents from mom's files.

Among them were the two attached (well, pdf scans of same) documents which I believe are wedding certificates. 

Since I never learned Hebrew, I'm hoping for some help with translating - even if it's just the names and dates. 
Thanks in advance,
Cindy Yager
Underhill, VT, USA


Resending my response.


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The two documents are a Ketubah – a marriage contract


It mentions Shmuel  Feder, standing for the groom – Shlomo Feder

Moshe Glikman standing for the bride – Rachel Gutman

The date – 21 Tishrei 5670 /1910

Witnesses - ? Schneider

                     Hirsh Bloom

The 2nd page is a continuation and written in Arameic.

Shalom, Malka Chosnek


Yitschok Margareten

The first is a Tena'aim (prenuptial agreement) with the information as above, (town is New York). 

The second is a Ketuba (Jewish mandatory marriage contract) for a different couple. 
Date is Sunday 14 Shevat 5664 in New York 
Groom is Shmuel son of Eliezer 
Bride is Hentzi daughter of Avraham 

Yitschok Margareten