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Would anyone have any experience in brackets on records, please?

I have read that '(MALE) or (FEMALE) accompanied by surname' on birth records indicates a baby that might have passed and so no name given. Is this also possible with adoption? This is 1930's UK.

Thanks in advance
Mandy Molava
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Mike Coleman

Hi Mandy,

On your first point, I think this might be the case if the child had died very soon after birth and before the parents were able to register her/him, when living, with a given name.

The identity of the Informant could clarify that.

It would be worth checking whether there was a corresponding contemporary death entry.

Another possibility might be if the parents, whilst having to make the registration within the deadline, had not then decided on a name.

As regards adoption, this might occur if the birth parents were unwilling to name her/him for themselves.

Again, the identity of the Informant could shed some light on that.

I look forward to others' views.

Mike Coleman   London  U.K.





Thank you

There isn't a death record for the same year.

The one I found was April - June quarter. The birth record I was looking for was Jan - March quarter, to see if I could spot a name as an adoption did take place 3 months later, was just ruling this one out and thought he might have been a late entry? Was told the record had been destroyed in a fire, but I was double checking.

Mandy Molava
Researching Brest Belarus Russian Galicia and much more