Trying to locate the farming village named "Mehr" #galicia


We found this statement in some old notes:
"Between Brody and Zolotehov was the farming village of Mehr in Galicia"
Can anyone advise as to where this is as I could not find it.
Louis Mehr, UK


Hi Louis,
I have found a detailed map of that area, from 1944: It is obviously a map used by Germans in the WWII. 
There are many small villages indicated that are not present on Google. The village that you are looking for might have been very small (one-two streets) and now does not exist any more. 
You may try this is map. You need the area between Zolochiv and Brody. You can download the map - there is a button under it, in the right corner. 
There are also older maps on this website, from the WWII and Austrian maps:
If you still cannot find the village, then it is possible to contact local archives. 

Elena Boldyreva,
Toronto Canada
Looking for Rogovins/Ragovins (Volozhyn, Szack, Minsk)


Hi Elena,
That was a great response.  There are some very detailed maps referred to, and I looked closely but did not find a match.
However,  I now know a lot more about the area as a result of the exercise.