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For the first time since late 2018, when 30 Jewish vital record books
were delivered, the Civil Registration Office in Warsaw has
transferred a batch of vital record registers to AGAD.

Among the new transfer of books from the various religious communities
in the eastern part of interwar Poland there are some 42 Jewish vital
record books and indexes of vital records from the former eastern
Galicia. While these will be very welcome to researchers of Galician
towns, it had been hoped that, after an interval of two and a half
years, a greater number of books might have been delivered from USC

The staff at AGAD are now working carefully to check these books,
particularly as regards the periods they cover. More precise details
about them will then be made public on the AGAD website. For now, this
is the information on the Jewish records that arrived at AGAD this
week. Generally speaking, the marriage and death books in this batch
go no further than the year 1939, and the birth records no further
than 1918.

The towns with new vital record books are as follows:
Birth registers: Bolechow, Boryslaw, Stanislawow, Stryj
Marriage registers: Drohobycz, Kopyczynce, Lwow, Lwow-Zniesienie,
Mikulince, Nawaria, Winniki
Death registers: Bobrka, Borszczow, Boryslaw, Drohobycz, Kolomyja,
Kozowa, Lwow, Lwow-Zniesienie, Mikulince, Nadworna, Skole, Sokal,
Stanislawow, Stryj, Tarnopol, Trembowla, Winniki, Zolkiew

There is also an index book of vital records (of a type still to be
determined) from the 1930s from Mosty Wielkie, and a file of marriage
banns from the first quarter of the 20th century from Sambor. The
marriage banns file will go into Fond 424 at AGAD, and all the others
into Fond 300.

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