JRI Poland Success with JRI surname list! Wladyslawow = Wloclawek? #poland

J.R. Silver

Hi Judy

I believe that ‘Wladyslawow’ may refer to the town of Wloclawek, [ the  ‘l’ s should be slashed through, converting the sound to ‘w’.  It is pronounced roughly ‘Vwotzwavek’ ) The town is today in Poland, north of Kolo and Konin.  I am not sure about today’s name for your great-grandfather’s brother’s town. Maybe Rawicz in Poznan region, but that’s a long shot.The vital records for Wloclawek are mainly lost. However there are some records in the JHI, Warsaw.  You could try a global search of Jewishgen for the town’Wloclawek’, surname ‘Baumgarten’.

My great-grandfather on my mother’s side was born in the town of Izbica Kujawska , in this region. When I spoke to my grandmother, late in her life, she said her father came from ‘Radislavik’. It wasn’t until years later that I realised that she was referring to the region ( not town) of Wloclawek. Incidentally, she lived for most of her life in Cardiff, UK .

Judith Silver , London
Researching in this region PRZEDECKI, MICHALOWSKI, RAWICKI from Izbica Kujawska,  KATZ, SPIRO, GRADOWKSI from Piotrkow Kujawski, PRZEDECKI from Strzelno.

Jill Whitehead

On Fri, Apr 2, 2021 at 07:24 AM, J.R. Silver wrote:
Wladyslawow was in my ancestral area of Suwalki, NE Poland during 19th century, but it went into Lithuania in 1919 after WW1 Peace settlement.
Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Judy Bowman

thank you, this is so helpful.  I have come across records for Wloclaw in my searching...I will look back in that direction, thank you.  There is a very small town(s) that exists in Poland called Wladyslawow-Russocice.  I could write and see if they have any records available.   Incidentally, the Jakub Baumgarten I found (the years don't really match) has a wife named Beijle Kujawska listed....  Thank you so much, Judith.  I've gotten so little traction on this guy Jacob Baumgarten who had so many children.  Any small amount of information can help! 

Many thanks, Judy Bowman

Baumgarten/Bowman(Wladyslawow-Russocice, Poland;  Wales UK, South Africa), Bas(Poland), 
Halpern(Indura, Grodno), Kopelman(Odessa/Starokonstantinov) Rosenbaum(Sieradz, Zychlin, Lodz), Muskat(Halubitz), Fellman/Felman/Berkman(Sakiai)Aschkenas(Chroskoff, Austria)