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Bruce Drake

“The Forest Girl, “ a chapter from the Yizkor book of Mizoch, Ukraine is an account of Kayla Goldberg-Tzizin’s journey of survival as the town’s ghetto was about to be destroyed. It is a story of emotional ups and downs, from the comfort she experienced from non-Jews who sheltered her group to the despair of being hunted like animals.
The passage that moved me comes towards the end, when after the liberation in 1944, she found herself in Zhytomyr and was taken into the home of an “actual angel in the form of a woman.”
“I had not seen a traditional Jewish home since the day we were imprisoned in the ghetto, and here, on a Friday, we had come to a house where candles were lit in gleaming silver candlesticks, the house was shining with cleanliness, and there were beautiful Jewish dishes on the table –– and on top of all that, the house was full of Jewish survivors. “
The translation project for the Mizocz book is being accomplished by university students. This initiative was launched by Larry Broun, a retired Federal executive and the project coordinator, and Orian Zakai, who is the director of the Hebrew Program and teaches Hebrew language, literature and culture at the George Washington University. GW students Yonatan Altman-Shafer and Corey Feuer were the translators.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Laurence Broun


Thank you for featuring Yonatan and Corey's translation. They are remarkable young people and working with their professor, they are doing a great job in making the Yizkor Book of Mizocz accessible to English-language readers. In an unabashed plea for support, donations to JewishGen's Yizkor Book Translation Fund for Mizoch this spring will go towards a summer internship program to keep students engaged in Yizkor book translations over the summer.  
Larry (Itzik Leib) Broun
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