Freud's neighbor #austria-czech


I just learned that my great-grandparents Max and Eugenie Gans-Schiller may have lived next door to Freud in Vienna, sometime before 1910.

Is there any way to verify this?

Rick Glaser


Hi Rick,

Those things can be check in the "Adoph Lehmann's allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger (Adoph Lehmann's general appartment directory) at
I checked 1908 (, Volume 2 for you. Page 377 you find Max Gans-Schiller, however, it is not clear if this is the address of an appartment, his shop, or both. Anyway the address is Porzellangasse 16 which is 300m away from Berggasse 19 where Sigmund Freud lived. It could be that somebody mixed "near to the house of Dr. Freud" with "in the house of Dr. Freud. Or the given address was just the shop and the Glas-Schiller family did not want to make their private address public.

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Alexander Burstein BA

Andreas Schwab

Yes, indeed.
According to, Max Gans Schiller, born 9 Feb. 1853 Lobositz, Leitmeritz, died on 4 Oct 1910 in Vienna. He is buried in the Central Cemetery, gate T1, 
group 053B, row 14, tomb no 22. He was living at Berggasse 8 in the 9th borough.
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Freud was living at Berggasse 19, about a block away.

For more details you can request a registration record at the City of Vienna. Details are explained here:

There is an online request form in English.
I did not find an entry for Eugenie.


Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Jill Whitehead

Freud lived in an apartment block in Vienna which I have visited when on holiday about 10 years ago. His home is a tourist attraction which is online. From memory, there is a fair bit of info about his neighbours in the guide books to his home. But you can also find the Vienna phone directories on Ancestry, and you could try looking these up. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Stephen Katz

I was a neighbor of Freud's former house. I used to live at Berggasse 27. Freud lived at nr. 19. It is now the Freud Museum. The Wohnungsanzeiger linked by Alexander Burstein's comment says that Max Gans-Schiller lived at Porzellang. 16, which was around the corner and down the street (Porzellangasse) from Freud's building, and that he was a businessman dealing in modern office goods or furnishings. You can see a picture of Porzellangasse 16 on Google Maps.

Stephen Katz
New York City