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Samuel O

I would  appreciate any help in my research.
Looking for details about a family named Tzesarskaya  from the city of Kiev, Ukraine.
The names as I know are:
Rebecca (born 1921) and her brother Michael. The parents were Chaya and Aryeh/Aharon Tzesarskaya.
Michael was drafted to the Red Army and disappeared during World War II.
I have no further details and can not find any lead online.

Thank you
Samuel Ovadia

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Gary Pokrassa

Hi Samuel

You are in luck - go to:

there you will find a link to a gigantic spreadsheet with Kyiv births indexed from 1920-1936 indexed but in Russian.

You will also find a link to the Babin Yar Holocaust Memorial Center where you will find the actual record.

The Ukraine Research Division is working on processing these now - we are working through a few issues

If you don't read Russian you can transliterate the names usining the Steve Morse webpage at
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

Mike Coleman

Hi Samuel,

This recent thread on this site may help regarding Michael :

So far I've used only the database but it provided amazing, and very helpful, information.

Good luck.

Mike Coleman    London (U.K.)

Janet Furba

Hi ask the Ukraine State archive in Kiev and the Kiev town archive.
Janet Furba,

Marc Friedman


Are you aware of any connection to the Tsesaski family from Panevezys, Lithuania?  (Tsesarskaya is a feminine form.)

Please respond to me privately.  

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