One Man's Story of being Fostered in Friesland during WW2 - For readers of Dutch #holocaust

Pieter Hoekstra

Interesting story about one man's fortune being hidden with a family in Friesland. "The blows did not come until after the war ended"

Many Jewish children from Amsterdam were transported to Friesland where they were taken in by kind (brave!) Friesian families.

Non-Dutch speakers - Google translate does quite a good job with this story. One or two sentences are in Frisian, translate separately.
Pieter Hoekstra  <sold@...>
Moss / Moses, De Costa - London and Brighton
Barnett, Da Costa, Lazarus, Joseph, Judah, Solomon - London


There is an option to read the article in English when you click on the link.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Ed Vogel

My mother, born Flora Heinrich, was also saved by a family in Friesland, Jakob and Klasiena Hamstra.  She'd been hidden elsewhere previously, but spent the most time with them, and that is where she was at the end of the war.  It's hard to imagine the courage it took to take in a young Jewish child, especially because their own children who were at risk as well.  My mother put them up for Righteous Among the Nations.  It came through, but not until after Jakob and Klasiena had died.  My brother, sister and I were at the presentation, which was made in Toronto, as they'd emigrated to Canada.  We couldn't meet Jakob and Klasiena, but we did meet several members of this wonderful family.

Ed Vogel