Using the Jewish Encyclopedia as a Source for Further Info #hungary #rabbinic

Adam Cherson

Earlier today I was reading an article in the freely available Jewish Encyclopedia ( and at the end of the article I saw this as the source of the information in the article:

  • Frumkin, Eben Shemuel, pp. 111 et seq.;
I would like to try to access this book, which I take to be called Eben Shemuel (or perhaps published by Eben Shemuel) by a person named Frumkin. I've tried some general online searches using this string but didn't find such a book. Is there a way to get a more complete citation in the Jewish Encyclopedia? Since the online version is presented only as a group of searchable articles, I cannot seem to access a section of the Encyclopedia where all the bibliographical references might be listed, perhaps more expansively with the name of the publisher, year, and place of publication, etc. Has anyone been able to delve further into books listed at the end of Jewish Encyclopedia articles? How may I proceed?

Adam Cherson
Adam Cherson

Sally Bruckheimer says it is Frumkin by Eben Shemuel, in Hebrew.  It is available in Zurich.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ


I searched just The Jewish Encyclopedia for "Frumkin, Eben Shemuel" and found this additional information by looking at other articles that include him in the bibliography:
  • Frumkin, Eben Shemuel, Wilna, 1874.
I did not look at all 39 articles that quoted him, but perhaps one of them has more information.

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, GA USA

Bob Kosovsky

When seeking books, one of the best online places to go is, a
product of the library vendor OCLC which provides cataloging information
for thousands of libraries in the United States, Canada, Japan, and many
places in Europe. A search on the title Eben Shemuel revealed more book
information at:

Often (but not always) OCLC will indicate which specific libraries have
the book. In this case the first record showed a library in Zurich, and
the second record did not indicate a holding library. But since it's an
older book (1874) it probably doesn't show up because many libraries have
not yet converted their older records to an online format. I would
enquire of excellent Hebrew Jewish libraries near you and see if they have
the item. If that fails, you can always inquire of the library in Zurich.

Bob Kosovsky, New York City, seeking any and all permutations/locations of:
Slutsk: DAVIDSON, GELFAND (also Sioux City, Iowa)

Adam Cherson

Thanks very much to the kind folks who took the time to assist. I have located the book. I also learned that the author was the founder of Petach Tikva (built the first house there and drained the swamp), obviously a person of many talents.
Adam Cherson