New Book about Polish-Jewish Relations during WW II in Ciechanowiec area #poland


Those of you who attended the IAJGS Warsaw Conference in 2018, and especially
the JRI-Poland luncheon, will remember Ciechanowiec Mayor Miroslaw Reczko,
who spoke at the luncheon on "Time for Serious Research into What Occurred in
Polish Shtetlach During WWI," and additionally, on Jewish-Polish Relations from
1939-41 in the Southern Bialystok Region."

Dr. Reczko has clearly done that serious research about which he spoke, and has
just published the English translation of his book, “How the Devil Enlarged His
Kingdom: Polish-Jewish Relations in One of the Polish Shtetlach During World
War II,” which focuses mostly on Ciechanowiec but also contains information
about what happened in many of the towns and villages during that period. This
important book will be of interest to people with connections to Ciechanowiec and
the surrounding area.

In his tireless research preparing this work, Dr. Reczko was able to obtain previously
unavailable documents, which provided new information for his book.

The book is available at

Judy Baston
San Francisco, CA, USA

Susan Stone
Stamford, CT, USA