Seeking Norwegian birth record for Joseph Albert KOLIN #records


Dear Group


I was wondering if anyone would be able to help in locating a birth record for Joseph Albert KOLIN, born in Flekkefjord, Norway in 1898?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Rose Raymen

Perth, Western Australia


I tried a search at the National Archive of Norway, but no success:

Kind regards,
Rolf Cohn,
Oslo, Norway


I also tried to search in records of births in Flekkefjord and elsewhere in Norway, without any success for the name Kolin. I have also looked up the name Kolin in Oskar Mendelsohn's exhaustive two-volume compilation of Jewish history in Norway, where he mentioned and listed every known Jewish person who lived in Norway up to the dates of publication (1969 and 1986), and the name Kolin does not appear. This might indicate that he and his family used a different surname. Where did you get your information about his name and year and place of birth?

Shari Nilsen, Oslo