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My mother-in-law, Hanna (Helen) Krakovsky Friedman just celebrated her 100th birthday. a few days ago. Her family had left Russia, when the ship they were on docked in Rotterdam, Holland. She was born there on either March 29, 1921, or March 21, 1921. Her parents were Aron Krakovsky and Hesia Besid(t)sky. No one in the family has been able to locate a Birth Certificate for her, even though her husband went back to Rotterdam to find it.  Does anyone have any ideas as to how to locate a birth certificate in Rotterdam?
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Neilan Stern
researching:  Stern, Pistrong, Brand, Mahler - Radomysl Wielki Poland;  Black, Schwarz - Nesvizh, Minsk - Belarus;  Aronovsky, Aronowsky, Entes, Portnoy, Israeliovitch, Seigel, Katzberg - Vilijampole Kovno Lithuania;


Correction on previous message regarding birth  certificates from Rotterdam. Her dates of birth are either March 29, 1921, or March 31, 1921. I am recovering from a recent concussion - seriously - and missed the typo in the first email. Sorry about the error.

Neilan Stern
researching:  Stern, Pistrong, Radomysl Wielki Poland; Black, Schwarz- Nesvizh, Minsk - Belarus;



I have never contacted the Rotterdam municipal databanks but maybe the folowing link may be of help to you.
Ron Peeters(NL)


Neilan, on the website that Ron Peeters mentioned, it is stated that Birth records will only be added after 100 years. I could not find it yet. On this website (sorry, in Dutch) you can ask for a copy of the not yet published certificate.    ]

You are looking for a Geboorteakte.

However, it is also possible that she is not registered at all, because she was born on a ship in transit. I mean, are you sure that somebody bothered to go to the Town Hall and register the baby? Good luck, Sylvia Stawski



Dutch is my 2nd language, so, if you need a translator, please contact me:  Henny M. Roth in Los Angeles, CA - (310) 289-8713 - or <hennynow@...>.


Sherri Bobish


Have you seen your family's passenger manifest dated 23 Apr 1921 arriving at NY:

Aron Crakowski, wife Hessia, and daughter Chaje, who is listed as one month old (in age column there is only years and months, no weeks, so she could have been less than exactly one month old.  She was born in Rotterdam.

It's a two page manifest with a lot of good information on the family.  It appears that their last residence was in Romania, and their native language was Russian.  There was a lot of movement during and after WW1, and the Russian Revolution.

Aron Krakovsky's naturalization papers gives Hanna's birth date as March 29, 1921 in Holland.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish


From my experience with Dutch records, the 100 year rule means that records are only open for viewing after 101 years.
I found however 13 people with the surname Krakowsky travelling from Rotterdam up till 1920. perhaps you find any relatives among them*sky

N. Aronson
Manchester UK