Geographic references from 1945, near Mizoch, Warsaw, Treblinka. #poland #ukraine #warsaw #yizkorbooks

Laurence Broun

I am providing a map to accompany the translation of an essay in the Yizkor Book of Mizoch about the story of a partisan. Several of the geographic references are obscure, some being small hamlets, and others just too much of a leap to find on current Polish and Ukrainian maps from the translated Yiddish name. If anyone is familiar with these towns, hamlets, or neighborhoods, you help would be appreciated.
  1. Oyezdtse, a town with a Czech population … when it became dangerous to go through Aynsbrukh near Mitlen. These three places are near Mizoch (then Poland, present day Ukraine.)
  2. Tseglov. Is it present day Tsehiv? (It is in proximity of Kovel.)
  3. Podlias territory (near Lublin region. )
  4. Radzim (near Siedlce, Sokolov Podlaski  and Treblinka.)
  5. The hamlet Karchov,   (20 km from Sokolov)
  6. Yablone. (Is it Jabłoń  ?)
  7. Lionke  (by Warsaw.)
  8. Siski, on the Vistula river, probably an area in Warsaw, the front line January 1945.
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