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Eli Rabinowitz


Yom HaShoah 2021 Global Commemoration

7 April 2021
The WE ARE HERE! Foundation and our partners HAMEC are proud to present a live streamed event for Yom HaShoah.
The “Yom HaShoah Global Commemoration,” features students and educators from nine schools in six countries - US, South Africa, Australia, Moldova, Bulgaria and Russia. 
Holocaust survivors presenting testimony of experiences include Miriam Lichterman and HAMEC speakers Daniel Goldsmith and Ruth Hartz.
Students present their perspectives of what this legacy means to them!
We present the brand new recording of Zog Nit Keynmol in Yiddish from Sholem Aleichem College of Melbourne, Australia.
Special thanks to:
Jewish Partisans’ Educational Foundation, San Francisco, USA
World ORT, London, USA
The event will be available on YouTube from Thursday, April 8th at 11pm AEST, 9pm WST, 2pm in London, 9am EDT, and 6am PST.
Maximise video to Full Screen.
No pre registration is required.
Updated news of our Global Yom HaShoah program can also be found on our WE ARE HERE! Foundation website:  https://wah.foundation/yom-hashoah/
Sholem Aleichem College's new Yiddish version:
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