Koschmin, Posen, Prussia, Germany-Is there a group or site that specializes in this town? #poland #germany


I am looking for a group, organization, Facebook group or whatever whose primary interest is what was pre WW I Koschmin, Posen, Prussia, Germany. Now known as Kos(z)min, Krotosyn, Greater Poland. My interest is in the surname LAPSAP. My family immigrated from there in 1856 using the surname LAPSAK on Hamburg manifest and LAPSER(K) on the NYC arrival manifest. By 1860 NYC census had changed surname to LEVY. I want to learn more about the town and expand on what I already know about my family. Additional details upon request.

David Brener, Lancaster, PA


Yes there is. Look to a project on Geni that is for Krotoschin or Krotoszyn for more information. 

Dan Brockman
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