Searching for relatives of Harold Goel LERNER and Rosalie (FINE) LERNER #general #names #usa

The Becker's Email

Rosalie's obit. in addition to listing children Joseph and Susan lists grandchildren Erik and Jared.  I could not find an obit for Harold.  Suggest you contact the cemetery/funeral home since Harold died more recently (2006) and see if they have a family contact listed w/ address.  You might try Facebook, especially for young people and contact all individuals that match the name until you hopefully find the right one.
Johanna Becker
Newport, RI


I am searching for relatives of Harold Goel Lerner and Rosalie (Fine) Lerner who I believe are related to me. They are both buried alongside other Fine relatives of mine in the Mount Lebanon Cemetery in Queens, NY.

They lived in Ft. Lee, NJ. Children: Joseph and Susan.

Harold Goel Lerner was born in Providence, RI (5 Jun 1926) and died NJ (19 Jun 2006)
Rosalie (Fine) Lerner was born in NYC, (19 Jun 1926) and died NJ (14 Sep 1998)

I believe Harold and Rosalie were married in the Bronx in 1954.


Jeff Fine
Montclair, NJ, USA