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Carolyn Amacher

Sorry in advance that this is long but I need your help
Here’s a synopsis -
Simo Klimscheffskij was a famous guy in Turku/ leader in international Cycling Federation and Finnish Olympic Committee along with Turku city council. There is a bike race named after him. Leopold Klimscheffskij took him from Vilnius orphanage in trunk of car when he took a steamer back to Finland in 1937 during one of his merchant excursions. Simo was born Dec 23, 1933. 
Background - 
Simo Klimscheffskij’s son Henri, who is a restauranteer in Helsinki, is a pretty close match to me and his dad Simo was likely the grandson of one of my grandfather’s siblings. Yet I thought all of my Zacharowicz great uncles and aunts ( who were all born in Lomza but moved to Warsaw) had come to the US along with my grandfather Israel Fajbe   Zacharowicz- which became Horowitz. But I found out my Great Uncle Meier stayed in the old country along with many of my Great Grandfather’s siblings and there children ( many of whom perished in the Holocaust.)  My great uncle Meier married Gitla Rotszvyld and Gita’s brother Herz married my second cousin Estera Zacharowicz Rotszvld who died at Auschwitz along with most of her family. However - two daughters survived and if either of their children Astrid Jacovy Heller or Robbie Ofir match closely to the Klimscheffskij brothers it’s likely that Simo Klimscheffskij was the son of my lost Uncle Meier and aunt Gita Rotszyld. The only other possibility I can come up with for such a close match to Henri Klimscheffskij is that my Great Grandfather had another child with his third wife he married after my Great Grandmother Cyma Dluzewich Zacharowicz died giving birth to my lost great uncle Szolje Zelman Zacharowicz who died at 2.5 years old in Northern Lithuania which is where his older brother Meier - who was also left without a mother- was posted in the army. I would like to find out what my Great Grandfather Hershbehr Zacharowicz aka Wolf Israelowitz Zacharewicz’ third wife’s name was. She had taken in Baby Zelman and possibly my Uncle Meier while the other Zacharewicz children went to live with other relatives. It appears my Cousin Israel Zacharowicz who was my great grandfathrrs nephew/ son of Lejzor Zacharowicz/helped raise Baby Zelman and Meier and cousin Israel’s daughter Estera Zacharowicz Rotszyld married Herz Rotszyld -brother of my Uncle Meier’s wife Gitla Rotszyld.
So I need to find name of my Great Grandfather’s third wife; if they had another kid; or if my lost Uncle Meier Zacharowicz and Aunt Gita Rotszvld Zacharowicz had a child or grandchild named Simon possibly Kagan as records at Turku synagogue indicate a Kagan involved with adoption. 
Any help you could offer is greatly appreciated by me, Henri and his daughter Sabrina, granddaughter of the late Simo Klimscheffskij.
Carolyn Horowitz Amacher 
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