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Dear Everyone                                                   12th April 2021

My apology, but I am a bit puzzled of the content material of the translation from the Hungarian handwriting--
Or I wonder, is my Hungarian ;rusty'?

I am not perceiving--its content material as relating to birth? etc.

My interpretation:
Ref 3857--as a reference to an 'official entry'
Dated 11th January  (-January)- 1894

" The dated -Order by the judgement of the Chief Servant---                                       Keltezett foszolga  Biroi rendelete  folyaman --
In retrospect--(entered0 14th June 1894                                                                      Utolagosan --Junius 14-en 1894 Jegyezkedettbe 
The textiles  which were left -empty                                                                             Az uresen maradt szovetek-  meaning cloth )( I read it with a 'T'  szovetek  and                                                                                                                                     due to missing data (pattern)                                                                                      it seems whoever translated it read it with a' letter 'Gszovegek--mondatok (sentences).
 could not be  followed/relied upon                                                                               Elegendo anyagok hianyaban  nem kovethetok voltak

My apology if I am the one who misread, misunderstood the Hungarian

Best wishes
Veronika Pachtinger

Marianna Toth

the last sentence says that the empty headings were left out in the lack of relevant data
Marianna Toth

Peter Absolon

I think it is only a remark mentioning the late birth registration. I can see Toltsek mentioned in the last line. The date in the text is the date of the note, not vital date
Peter Absolon

Alex Magocsi

The attached image is a note that appears on the "after the fact" birth recording for Regina GREIF, daughter of Abraham & Kati (Grünspan) GREIF.
I do not need an exact translation but do wish to know what the purpose of the note is.  If a date and place are called out, please advise that also.
Thank you in advance.

Alex Magocsi
Hamburg Germany

Researching GREIF, Fulianka, SK and GROSZ, Nyirbator, HU.