August 1882 Prienai Pogrom: Any Documents from the Trial? #lithuania #poland

Seth Bittker

According to this link ( there was a pogrom in Prienai, Lithuania in August 1882, and there was a trial in which some of the participants in the pogrom were prosecuted at “the district court in Marijampole” in April 1884.  Does anybody know whether it might be possible to obtain documents from this trial?

The context is that my great grandfather (Max Grossman) was from Prienai, and the French naturalization record of his brother mentions that “…his father having been killed at the time of the uprising, he left the country with the intention of escaping from the Russian yoke.”  His father (Shmaya Kolos Grossman) died sometime between 1881 and 1887.  I am unaware of another “uprising” in Prienai during this time period.  So, I wondered if his death might be in some way connected to the pogrom.  So, I am thinking that if there is any documentation about the trial and if specific victims are mentioned that my ancestor (Shmaya Kolos Grossman) might be among them.


Thank you for any information on this.

Seth Bittker

Darien, Connecticut



Babtai, Lithuania - REZNITSKY

Slobodka, Lithuania – LINKOVSKY, KAPLAN


Onod, Hungary – ROTH

Hernadszentandras, Hungary – HIPSCH, WEISS


Thank you for posting this. It’s the first I heard of it. My mother’s maternal grandparents were from Prienai (moved to Kovno, but some family remained).  Bass and Kaufman.  What is there to read on this altogether? I’d be interested in seeing it. 
Jeanne Swack

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

The following article (DARIUS STALIŪNAS (2004) Anti-Jewish disturbances in the North-Western provinces in the early 1880s, East European Jewish Affairs, 34:2, 119-138, DOI: 10.1080/1350167052000340913  ) elaborates among others on the events in Prienai, citing a Russian dossier as a source.But the article give no names. The author, Dr. Darius Staliunas, is a researcher at the Institute of History of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.   

Ruth Leiserowitz
Berlin / Warsaw