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Enid Rose

Assistance needed to translate Hebrew on family gravestone.
Paramus NJ
to translate Hebrew on family gravestone


Here is buried our dear father, a man who chased righteousness and kindness, the Rabbi Mordechai son of Reb Yechiel of blessed memory MICHALOVER. Died Purim 5671 at 67 years.
Why were you taken before you filled your days,
You did much for all downtrodden who sought your help,
You went on the path of kindness all the days of your life,
For mercy and graciousness filled your heart,
G-d should pay you your wages and according to your deeds,
When you come to shelter in the shade of your creator,
Rest in peace where you were laid down,
All who know your name will remember you for good,
The life and kindness you did in your life,
The days of your years were 67 but you did much,
You are fortunate you ascended to heaven with your good deeds,
To the G-dfearing and all who turned to your salvation.
May his soul be bound in the bonds of life.

The title Rabbi and Reb are used for Honor and do not mean he was necessarily a Rabbi. The holiday of Purim is the 14th of Adar. The epitaph spells out Mordechai son of Yechiel.

 Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

SPIELER Lodz, Zloczew, Belchatow


The first six Hebrew lines read as follows:

Here lies
our dear father
an upright man pursuing righteousness [tzedakah] and lovingkindness [chesed]
the rabbi Mordechai son of Mr. Yechiel may his memory be a blessing
Died on Purim [5]671 [1911] at the age of 67

The last Hebrew line is the standard Hebrew abbreviation for "May his soul be wrapped in the bundle [bonds] of life."

Between those initial and final lines, there is a wonderful acrostic poem, the initial letters of which form "Mordechai son of Yechiel."  Each line ends with the syllable "cha."

Why were you taken before your days were completed[?]
You did much [great things] for all who sought your aid
You trod the path of lovingkindness [chesed] all the days of your life
For your heart was full of mercy and pity [hearkening]
May you be repaid according to your deeds and your [deserved] recompense
When you come to seek refuge in the shade of your Creator
You will rest in peace on your resting place [bed, grave]
Will be remembered for the good to all who know your name
[for] the life and lovingkindness [chesed] that you did [wrought] in your earthly existence
Your years were 67 but your deeds were many
You are happy [worthy] that you ascended with your kind deeds
Those who fear God and all [others] turn to [await] your redemption

There's a strong sense that he died before his time, despite his relatively advanced years.

Shalom Leaf

Enid Rose

Help requested to translate Hebrew on family gravestone.
Enid Rose
Paramus, NJ

Dubin, David M. MD

This is the tombstone of an important woman
good in deeds and a glory to her children
To her dust she returned in old age and long years
Ms Feiga daughter of Shaul Tuvia
died on the seventh day of Second Adar
year (5)673 by s(hort) c(ount)
then the boilerplate abbreviation: may her soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life

that year was a leap year with a second month of Adar
The “short count” leaves out the thousands place

david dubin
teaneck, nj