Barcelona Entry Document? #records

Steven Granek

Can anyone make sense of what this below document actually is and tells one?  I have a Joseph Granek in my family tree - the brother of my Grandfather - no resolution as to what became of him -one of those ‘black holes’ so far.   He lived - I THINK in Lodz but perhaps in Kalisz or even Pabianice.
Here’s the document

Steve Granek

angel kosfiszer

It seems to be a card of displaced persons during world war II. Arrived in Barcelona on Mar 23, 1944 and he was moved to Lerida (Lleida) on June 23 1944, or arrived in Lerida on June 23, 1944 and from Lerida he was moved to Barcelona on August 23, 1944. Do not understand the name of the place on Nov 1st, 1944. He was sent back to France on May 4, 1945.  The other people were Sarah (aunt) and Therese (cousin)

Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas