Photographs of Berlin Addresses Pre-war #germany #general


Few photographs but the maps in Baedecker guides are wonderful ways to look back at cities.

Dennis Whitehead

Judith Elam

Karen - if you know specific addresses in both Berlin and Leipzig, you can google them.  I was happy to see that several of the addresses of my my father's Berlin family and my mother's Leipzig family look exactly the same as they did pre-Holocaust.  But it was also shocking to realize that this is therefore also exactly how their homes and streets looked when they were deported.  I have visited these places in person too.

Judith Elam
Kihei, HI


Part of my family lived in pre WW2 Berlin, at Alt Shoenhaus Str.  As a result of my own research, I can suggest the following links to further your research:

1930's Berlin Jewish address book

The link below is a blog by a UK student who had lived in Alt Schonhauser Str, Berlin in the 1990’s and on his link are some old photos of the street/area before it was redeveloped as we can see it now.  In his blog he says the street would have been in the old East Berlin.

Alte Schönhauser Straße

Extract from a BBC link:
Jewish renaissance
And speaking of beacons: across from Tacheles sparkles the gilded dome of the Neue Synagogue (New Synagogue), the most visible symbol of Berlin's revitalised Jewish community. The 1866 original was once Germany's largest synagogue but its modern incarnation is not so much a place of worship as a place of remembrance. Climb the dome to gaze out over the quarter's rooftops. Nearby, on Grosse Hamburger Strasse, is Berlin's oldest Jewish cemetery, the Alter Jüdischer Friedhof, which was destroyed in WWII. A replica of Enlightenment philosopher Moses Mendelssohn's tombstone now stands as a lone representative for all 12,000 six-feet-under residents.

I hope you will find the above links of interest.  

Malka Flekier
(London, England)


I am wondering if there is a chance that there could be photographic records of specific  addresses or street scapes of pre-war Berlin and Leipzig.
I would like an impression of my grandparent’s residences and business addresses. Does anyone know if such exist?
Karen Saunders
Melbourne, Australia