Searching for FRIEDMAN Family on Berriman Street in Brooklyn in the late 1920s #usa


Dear JewishGendom,


        I am searching for a Friedman family which was last known to live at 163 Berriman Street in Brooklyn, NY, circa 1925-1928, at which point the genealogical trail grows very cold.

        In particular, I am searching for the brothers and sisters of Charles (Kaddish) Friedman, including:


     (1)    Abe Friedman ------ born May 1886 in Russia, 14 on the 1900 Census, and 19 on the 1905 Census.

     (2)    Morris Friedman --- born April 1888 in Russia, 12 on 1900 Census, 21 on 1910 Census

     (3)    Rose Friedman ---- born Jan 1898 in New York City, 3 on 1900 Census, 13 on 1910, 18 on 1915

     (4)    May Friedman ------ born 1899 in New York City, 1 on 1900 Census, 11 on 1910, 21 on 1925 

     (5)    Frank Friedman ---- born about 1907, 3 on 1910, 8 on 1915, and 18 on 1925.


    These five were all children of Isidore aka Edward Friedman and his wife Sarah Koskichovitch.  The parents, Edward and Sarah Friedman, both died in the late 1920s and were buried at Mt. Zion, but none of their children are buried with them.


     I have tried searching for possible birth, marriage, and death records via the usual web sites online including Ancestry, FamilySearch, and ItalianGen, but whenever I try to follow a promising trail and search further for census details usually a birth place or birth year doesn't jibe.


     I'm hoping someone out there in JewishGen land may have knowledge of one or more of these Friedmans that will help flesh out this family tree.

    Looking forward to your responses and suggestions..


      Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan 
      Long Beach, NY


Hi Judi, 

I believe that these  Friedmans are two of the children you are looking for, 
Frank Friedman (1906 - 1983)
Birth record

Jacob Abraham Friedman  (1885-1918)
Marriage record
Death record

Giannis Daropoulos 



Steven Turner

My mother was born at 312 Berriman St. My great-grandfather founded the Berriman St. shul which I have written and spoken about in various places. Looks like you got some good information her.