Very good Birthday presents for a family historian #general



What a lovely gift that would be!
Actually I couldn't think of a greater gift and then suddenly someone very close to me bought me a DNA kit for Christmas (a few years ago). I have to say I have enjoyed that at some points even more than my tree and research, and it has opened other doors I didn't know existed or thought about.

Mandy Molava
Researching Russian Belarus Brest Galacia and much more

David Harrison

When a family historian is a very Senior Citizen with a house full of everything they need, give them the family tree of the family into which you married.  This will enable them to spread their family wider still.  If that has already, let them know that at last you have completed naming every photograph and also added in the date, place and occasion to benefit future historians.  These are what I am asking for my ninetieth birthday.  I have given them all three months' notice.  I also recently opened a box which contained 200 photos and10 diaries I could place the names on half of the photos and which end of a decade was correct for them, but the others and the albums are not as useful as the address sections of the diaries..  My search has also told me that the husbands of my great aunts came from the same Dutch town as my great-grandfather and two of my friends and the owner of a local Petrol station and car repair chain (found by one of these others).
David Harrison, Birmingham, England