Grandparents surnames KOHAN/LEVI #names #lithuania

Marilyn Weinman


I've just recently had some documents partially translated, and this document, which I believe was either an immigration paper, or possibly a marriage license, and was written in Lithuanian, had the names of KOHAN and LEVI on it, as given last names. I don't have any grandparents with the last names of Cohen or Levy in my family, but rather ARONOWITZ/ ARONOVSKY, JABLONSKI or other derivations of said name on my mom's side, and ENGELMAN/ ENGELMANN and DAVIDOVIC/ DAVIDOVICH on my dad's side. 

Is it possible that this was a marriage license, and the names just are telling me that my grandparents were the son and daughter of.....with no last name given ?
Can anyone explain to me how or what the names of KOHAN/ LEVI may mean to my families surnames, other than they were both from the class of Priests ??

Marilyn Weinman


The name Aronowitz might indicate they were descendants of the High Priest Aharon (brother of Mozes) as some people with my surname (Aronson) were, and if they were it could well be that they were generally known as Kohen. However it doesn't have to be that way, as in my case (we are not descendants of Aharon the high priest) were my ancestors took on that name to honor their grandfather whose first name was Aron.

N. Aronson
Manchester UK

Yitschok Margareten

Are you referring to a civil marriage license or to a Jewish marriage contract known as a Ketuba? 

A Ketuba usually does not have a family name, but it does have the father's name and the title Kohen or Levi, if they were descendants of the tribe. 

Yitschok Margareten