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While I am not certain, I suspect that most Jewish Historical Societies have this sort of material. Two I know of are the Charleston (SC) Jewish Historical Society and the New Haven (CT) Jewish Historical Society. I suspect that libraries in older cities that were home to many Jews may also have nonpublished works and privately published works as well.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Lewis, Megan

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a collection of family histories both published and unpublished.  You can find them in our Collections Search catalog,  We also have an extensive self-published/small press memoir collection.  We ask authors' permission to put their books online to increase access.
We also digitize archival collections and are putting all the collections we have permissions for online.

If anyone has a family history that they are interested in donating to USHMM, please contact me at mlewis@....  We accept both hard copies and digital copies.

Three other sources are ArchiveGrid,, Open Library and the Digital Public Library of America,

Megan Lewis, reference librarian
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Dan Rottenberg

My original guidebook to Jewish genealogy, Finding Our Fathers (Random House, 1977), contains an extensive list of Jewish family histories and where to find them, listed by family name. Of course, the list contains only books published before 1977. See pages 376-390.
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA

Jill Whitehead

In the UK, Jewish family histories can be round in Shemot, the Journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain and there are also links to communities on the JGSGB website.  In addition self -published histories can be found in individual libraries and archives for specific towns and cities in Britain, including the JGSGB's own library. The UK National Archives also highlight important families in articles, whilst BMD and Census data can be found on Findmypast and   Scotlands People websites. There are also individual websites such as Cemetery Scribes.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Susan Edel

You should be able to find any published Family Histories printed in Israel at the National Library in Jerusalem.  I have sent them 2 copies of the Feuchtwanger Stammbaum (Family Tree)..
Good luck in your search

Susan EDEL, Petach Tikva, Israel


Check out the Center for Jewish History,  The partner organizations under that umbrella are the American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS), the Leo Baeck Institute (LBI) for German speaking Jeiwsh  peoples, YIVO, for Eastern European Jewry, and the American Sephardi Federation.  I believe there are family histories in their archival collections.

Aaron Rosenberg


The digital collections of Yad Vashem as well as Digibaeck- the digital collections at Leo Back Institute,  are both valuable sources of Jewish family histories.

Avi Zucker

Rick Zeckel

The Indiana Jewish Historical Society publishes a book or more annually that contain, as one might suspect, stories about Jewish history in the state of Indiana. These stories often center of Jewish Family histories. I suspect that other such Jewish Historical organizations do the same.
Rick Zeckel


Internet Archive might be another source.
Ron Peeters (NL)

Michelle Sandler

I am working on a PowerPoint presentation on where to find Published
Jewish Family Histories. The sources I have so far are:
Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogy and Family Histories
Avotaynu: the international review of Jewish Genealogy
Library of Congress
The sources for unpublished Jewish Family Histories are
JewishGen Family Finder
Family Tree of the Jewish People
Wiki Tree
Jewish Genealogy Surname Project on Facebook

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Librarian OCJGS
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