Esther Swimmer Naturalization Search in Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA #usa #records

Sherri Bobish


If Avrum / Adolf / Abraham SWIMMER was naturalized than Esther would have been automatically naturalized under his papers.

Have you found nat papers for Avrum SWIMMER?

Esther could have chosen to take out her own nat papers, but it seems unlikely if her husband had already naturalized.

Pre-1906 nats give very little detail.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Charles Zar

Added his PA Death Certificate to the Find a Grave page.  Click on "Photos" to view because it's not on the main page.

Charles Zar
Rockledge, Pennsylvania

Moishe Miller

Dear group,
I am searching for the  Naturalization of Esther Swimmer  of Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA. She was widowed in 1906 and raised her children, Sadie (Kaplan), Jacob, Maurice and Benjamin. I have the census records for them from 1900 - 1940.

I suspect that Esthet's late husband, Avrum / Adolf / Abraham, with surname SWIMMER, was really a Schwimmer, born in Munkacz to Israel Schwimmer and Shaindel Forkas in 1869. Avrum was orphaned from his mother at the age of 2. Avrum's tombstone does show his father to be Yisroel (Israel). My aunt's large DNA match to Avrum's grandson further suggests our Schwimmer connection. 

Now I am trying to follow the paper trail to bolster my hunch. The naturalization record should offer a lot of detail, l where and when Avrum was born and married. Based on Avrum's find-a-grave at
I have not found his death record which might give his mother's name. The Hebrew date on the tombstone translates to March 4 or 5, 1906.

I would appreciate feedback and suggestions.

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF #3391