Viewmate Polish translation request #translation

Christine Lassiege

Hello everyone,

I've posted 5 vital records about ROZANSKA family in Polish for which I’d like extracts as much vital data (names, dates, spouse, ages, place, job, name of the witness and family.. ).  

All are from the city of Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland.  They are on ViewMate at the following addresses...

1)     93113 Chaim ROZANSKA Akt 19, born in 1835  


2)     93114 Chaim ROZANSKA Akt 19 dead in 1853


3)     93112 Herzeck ROZANSKA Akt 33 registered in 1848, born in 1834   


4)     93111 Michel Rozanska Akt 16, dead in 1826  


5)     93110 Michel Rozanska Akt 16, born in 1828  

Thank you very much for your help

Christine LASSIEGE