Context for Lodz Court determination in 1949 of a husband's death in Sarny in 1946 #poland #lodz

Michael Wilson

I have three questions relating to this quote from a Lodz Court’s determination of her husband’s death following an application by his wife:


‘’On 1 July 1949 the Local Court in Lodz 2nd Civil Department represented by Judge E. Staglinski in the presence of the clerk of the court A. Slawikowa upon examining [his wife’s] application on 1 June 1949 to determine the death of [her husband] based on Article 88 of the Rule on acts of civil status /Statute Jownal No 43/45. pos. 272/ at1. 1, 2 par. 1, 9.16 and 13 of the Decree of29 August 1945 /Statute Journal No 40 pos. 26/ and Article 1, 6, 31 and 32 Procedure Code, determines that [her husband] died on 20 April 1946 in Sarny.’’


I shall be grateful if you can help with suggestions to resolve the following:


1 – The husband and wife had been deported from Brest (Brzesc nad Bugiem) to Nizny Tagil during the war where their daughter was born in 1940.  After the war, the wife and daughter settled in Lodz.  Given the precision of the determined place and date of death on 20 April 1946, is it possible to find evidence that …

- the wife witnessed the death but no official record was made or found, or

- there was another witness to the event, or

- the wife was not there but some wider ‘çatastrophic’ event took place in Sarny on that day?


2 – How can I find a copy of the affidavit submitted by the wife and perhaps others to the court?


3 – Any other suggestions re this search on behalf of their daughter will be much appreciated.


Thank you in anticipation, Mike Wilson