Hebrew/Yiddish translation request: photo caption in Rudky Yizkor book #galicia #ukraine #yizkorbooks #translation

Jay Osborn

I am researching the history of monuments at a Jewish mass grave site located a few kilometers north of Rudky in the Lviv oblast of western Ukraine. The memorial (Yizkor) book for Rudky (Rudki) is on the JewishGen translations database, but only the list of martyrs has been translated to English. The image and its caption attached here is on page 316 of the Yizkor book; this image page and the surrounding text can be viewed on the NYPL Yizkor book collection linked to the JewishGen translation:

If someone could please translate the photo caption below this image, I would very much appreciate it. It's possible I will later request translation of the pages before and/or after this image; I am trying to learn when this monument was erected, and by whom, plus any other info which might be available. I have visited this site and have worked with others to clear and clean it; now I want to understand its history for a heritage research project my wife and I are working on in the region.

Thank you for your help.

Jay Osborn
Rohatyn Jewish Heritage
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Good morning,


Hannah Hoch by the tomb on the communal/mass grave in Brazina in the year 1944.

Shalom, Malka Chosnek


Miron Chumash

Hi Jay Osborn,


The translation is:


Hannah Hoch beside the gravestone on the mass grave in Berezina in 1944.




Miron Chumash