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Victor Weisskopf

Visited Pier 21 in 2019. Did not find relatives there, but did find a picture of a Holland Amerika Line ship I'd ridden in the early 60's that was heavily used also to bring immigrants from Holland to Halifax.  Brought back nice memories to see the "SS Waterman".  
Vic Weisskopf
Deerfield, IL USA
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Maybe you know this sources already, but maybe they are interesting for others too.

Passengers Manifests / Border Crossings are online on Library and Archives Canada and/or familysearch.
Canadian Censuslists are online on Library and Archives Canada until 1921 and 1926 (Prairie Provinces).
Birth/Marriage/Death Records for Ontario are online on familysearch.

Corinne Iten

Geoff Chester

Hi Molly,
I've checked out Pier 21's records, and they've been very enlightening! 
Thanks so much for the recommendation.
Best regards,
Geoff Chester
Liepaja, Latvia

Molly Staub

Hi, Do you know about the Canadian Museum of Immigration in Halifax? They might have records. Happy hunting, Molly Arost Staub


Geoff Chester

Hi everybody. It's a pleasure to find such an active group in this field. I am a British/Latvian/Jewish researcher based in Latvia writing a thesis about emigration from Libau (now Liepaja) to Halifax. Based on ship charters from the Russian-American line, a huge amount of Russian Jews ended up in Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg after leaving Russia via my current hometown. If any of you have any such connections (especially if your family lived in the Pale of Settlement and left between 1906-1914 for Canada), I'd really appreciate it if you could complete this survey: https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSf_0wesIxO3.../viewform or pass it on to those who have ancestral connections to that part of the world, to help get as broad a picture of things as possible.
I've also added a link to an article I wrote a while ago about emigration from Liepaja to New York. Although it may be a bit US-centric, the information there is relevant for a great many Canadian Jews as well. I hope you enjoy! https://deepbaltic.com/.../final-point-of-the-russian.../

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to write.
Best regards,
Geoff Chester
Liepaja, Latvia