Viewmate Translation Request - Polish re LANGER #austria-czech #poland #galicia #translation

Selma Sheridan

I've posted two birth records in Polish, for which I need complete translations, including every word explaining the name change, in the right-hand page of both records.  
They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:
For Hirsch Ber LANGER:
For Ruchel Zlatte LANGER:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.  

Many thanks!
Oswego NY USA
Researching: BAUCHMANN (Potok Zloty), BEUTEL (Skalat), CYNOWER (Budapest), ERLICHMAN (Lodz), FELD (Podhajce, Tarnopol), HERSCHER (Budapest, Lens), LANGER (Tarnopol, Vienna), LEMLER (Krakow, Vienna), OJSERKIS (Podhajce), PULVER (Vienna), RAUCH (Vienna), RITTER (Budapest), SIGAL (Kozova, Vienna), SWARTZ (Vienna)