Needing help in deciphering the name of a place #poland #lodz

Relly coleman

Need help deciphering name of a place my mother z"l mentioned as an area that my FELD family were from. 
It sounds like Brest Kuyav and might be in the Wloclawek/Dobrzyn nad Wisla area.
Any ideas as to which place this might be? 
Help would be appreciated,
Relly Coleman
FELD Dobrzyn nad Wisla, Zakroczym

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

I think, this is Brześć Kujawski 
Coordinates: 52°36′18″N 18°53′53″E

Ruth Leiserowitz
Berlin / Warsaw

Krzysztof Witaszek

The place is Brześć Kujawski located 8 km west of  Włocławek 

Krzysztof Witaszek