passports for non-naturalized residents london, canada and the usa? #records

arnold friedman <afriedman21@...>

i have a morris/maurice/maures/max jacobs/jackson who was born in
poland abt 1851, he was living as a boarder in london in 1871,
married in 1877, went to canada around 1907 and came to the US in
1924, died in 1929.

Do non-citizens residents get something like a government passport
prior to traveling to a new country, and if so, is it called a
passport or some other document, and where might i find it for England
or Canada.

Based on my research so far, i believe that it was unlikely that he
ever became a naturalized citizen of uk, canada or usa

i am trying to figure out what city in poland he came from and/or both
his parents names. I have wedding record from uk gov and the great
synagogue, us boarder crossing, death record, lots of census records
for morris, but nothing that provides fuller information like
naturalization records or possibly passport application (a passport
photo of him would be nice)

So appreciate advice on non citizen resident gov records like might be
available in that timeframe especially in london or toronto canada.

thank you

arnold friedman
redwood city, ca usa

with Wife Marianna Green and Father Israel.
I have not identified any siblings for Morris.