Archival Information: 1913 Poltava Province #ukraine

Marilyn Robinson

Hi All,
For those of you with an interest in Ukraine, on my blog, JewishGem's Genealogy, I have added a posting related to Poltava Province 1913 Recruitment & Residency. This is archival information which included a variety of complaints against governmental actions related to the draft of loved ones. Included are many names, addresses, & other information that you may find interesting.
As one example, a grandmother complained that Kremenchug failed to grant benefits to her grandson. Her name as well as that of her grandson, & foster child were mentioned inthe complaint; also her address. 
Information can be found on my blog at:
Marilyn ROBINSON (aka JewishGem)
Searching: YUDIN (Sharkovshchina, Belarus), UNTERBERGER (Krakow, Tarnow)