Translation of survivor testimony from Yiddish/Hebrew #translation

Maciej Łopaciński

I'm looking for information about labor camp in a peat mine at Izabelin (10 km south of Radzymin). The camp is forgotten - there is almost no information about it. I found the testimony of survivors  Avraham Chonowicz and Mordechai Zilberstein on YadVashem website.

Could someone kindly translate for me information from these testimonies about camp in Izabelin? Only fragments about Izabelin, not all testimony.

1) First testimony of  Avraham Chonowicz - word Izabelin is on page 9.

2) Second testimony of  Avraham Chonowicz

3) Testimony of Mordechai Zilberstein. Some of his testimony is in the book (, but maybe there is more information in hebrew version of testimony.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Maciej Łopaciński