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my relative was Anne Cohen who died 1n1930. Born in Kamenets Podolsk around 1895.ried in NY
On her  tombstone, i  read her name as Gennesa or Genesiya
Gimmel nun ayin sameh yud ayin
Has anyone heard of this name 
Gary Bykoff Connecticut


Not an expert but here goes anyway.

1. Gennady is a fairly common Russian male name, maybe a cognate of that?

2. Trying to look up your letters in a Yiddish dictionary I find gimel nun (dash) ayin resh nun meaning "Garden of Eden" or "Paradise" and a phrase including that meaning "May they rest in peace."

3. Geneseiya is like the 7500th-most-common girl baby name on Google, FWIW.

Robert Roth
Kingston, NY


Gennesa/Genesiya is Yiddish for Ginendl.

Mike Vayser


Gnesya is a name used in Sholom-Aleichem's story "The Pot". (Said Gnesya is a neighbor/boarder of the main character.) I assume the name was common enough.

Galina Spivak, Los Angeles


All true, and not to be confused with 'Gisya' a diminutive of Giselle, [Ukraine].
Shirley Ginzburg
Aptos, California

Lisa Steinberg

My sister is Leah Ganessa (Linda Gail in English).
I also had a great-grand aunt called Gnessa Yocheved. She came from Pasvalys, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania.
My husband never heard the name either and was surprised when I showed him an aunt with that name born in 1860. His family is from Sub Carpathia, so maybe it wasn't used in that part of the world.

Lisa Steinberg, Rivedale The Bronx NY

SHATZMAN (Medzhybizh, Kamieniets Podolsk, Ukraine/Russia)

ROSENTHAL (Parchomowzy (Parhomowce/Parkhomivtsi), Khmelnytskyi, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine)

SEGAL (Neshchiz, Kovel, Wolin, Ukraine)

ACKERMAN (Brichany, Khotin, Bessarabia) And Yedintz

KUPERMAN/COOPERMAN (Brichany, Khotin, Bessarabia) And Yedintz

CHAYET (Pasvalys, Kovno, Lithuania)

MEYEROWITZ (Kovno, Lithuania)