Need Help to Understand the Lodz Ghetto List #poland

Harry Kleinbourg

Hello everyone,
In the Database of JewishGen, I've found some of my relatives in the list of the Lodz Ghetto.
I need some help to undertstand some of the information found in the list:
  • In the row named "Deported/Type-Transport/Destination":
    • For one of the line, there is "26/09/1942 / AUSG" -> I assume AUG is for "Ausgehen". Does it mean the relative has been deported from the Ghetto on the 26th of Sept 1942? 
    • For another entry, there is a date only: 04/06/1942. Without the word "AUSG" -> Is it just an oversight? How must I understant this?

  • Is there a way to find the list of the transports and the exact destination which are in relation with the dates above? I know a lot of jewish have been deported to Chełmno and murdered there. But one of my relatives who has been recorded into the Lodz Ghetto List has been deported in Auschwitz for sure and have survived. So it seems that Chelmno wasn't the unique destination... 
  • Some lines have nothing for the row "Deported/Type-Transport/Destination". Does it mean those people haven't been deported? 

  • row "Residence Address": is that the address before entering into the guetto?

  • Some lines have the same person but the addresses are different. For instance, for my relative Cyrla MATYS, there is one line with Residence Address A, and Ghetto Street house B. And a second line with Residence Address C, and Ghetto Street house D. How must I understand such entries? Is there a way to know the dates when each entry has been recorded?
Thanks for any help / advice / recommandation / ideas
Best Regards,
Harry Kleinbourg

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Harris,
Lodz ghetto archives have been fully preserved and are ca. 800.000 pages of documents.
You can find more than 95% on line at Polish state archives :
But to search, nothing is more valuable that the Finding Aid established by USHMM, 165 pages of explanation ! 
Thanks to Megan Lewis, USHMM Library referee, I could understand how to search.
Lists of "Residents", in fact ghetto's detainees, are numerous and as been established from ghetto's start in 1940 to its end in June 1944.
So some persons have an "address" change within ghetto without any other indication.
All lists have been scanned by Yad Vashem and OFRLI (Organisation of Former Resident of Lodz in Israel) ca 1994.
Index  have been made by JewishGen and explanations are here :
I tell you my truth : when you start to search and follow your Lost's fates among these 800.000 pages of real archives, records of last attempts for some more days of life and records of Holocaust , you don't leave them before numerous hours.
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund / Workmen Circle of France)
Found my Zysman, Kronenberg, Rottersman of Lodz...

Harry Kleinbourg

Bonjour Bernard (I live in Levallois so not very far away from Paris) !

I continue in english as we are in a worldwilde mailing list.

I just wanted to thank for your reply and all the info.

I understood that a lot of people had been deportated from Lodz ghuetto to Chemlo and directly murdered by gaz there.

It seems that Auschwitz was another deportation destination.

Do you know whether any other death camp were used as a deportation destination from Lodz Guetto?
And is there any chance to find any documents about prisonners in Auschwitz who had been deported in 1942?

Best Regards,

Harry Kleinbourg

Odeda Zlotnick