ABRAMOWITZ descendants -Turn of 19th-20th century. New Haven-Boston area #usa

Yonatan Ben-Ari

According to an autobiography written by a member of my family in
which authoress stated that the "facts" she writes are not to be taken
exactly, as they are based on her personal experiences or heresay in
the family, my great great grandmother, Gittle ABRAMOWITZ , came as a
widow from Novarodok with 4 young children to New Haven, Ct. during
the latter part of the 19th cent.

She sent her two younger sons, Meyer and Kalman to Jerusalem to have
an orthodox environment. Soon Kalman returned to the states and Meyer
stayed in Jerusalem. I am a descendant of Meyer and I have contact
with Kalman's family.

I am interested in contacting descendants of the other two branches
and what I know about them is from the above mentioned autobiography
with no exact records or exact dates to back them up.

The two eldest children of Gittle were David and Sarah. David went to
Boston "to seek his fortune". Supposedly changed his name and got a
job in a dept. store in Boston and eventually rose to management. In
the 1930s my grandfather (his nephew), during a short residence in New
York, tried to contact him but was rebuffed, being told that he was an
old and sickly man and was recuperating in his Florida residence.

The authoress of the autobiography writes that when her family
vacationed on Coney Island in the mid 1930s she met a young man Tom
(no family name mentioned) who introduced her to his grandmother,
Sarah, (david's sister Sarah and her husband (again no family name).
It seems that Tom "disappeared" from the area and "returned to Boston"
where he was going to college. Presumably this "disappearence" was
meant to avoid further contact between her , coming from an orthodox
Jerusalem bound family and her distant cousin (who may not have been

Sarah and her husband were members of the Jewish socialist "Bund" as
the above authoress remembered setting up chairs for their lectures.

Since the 1930s there has been no known further contact with Sarah and
her brother David's families. Again, most of the above, is based on
oral family history with no official records to back them up.
Interviews with other family members of previous generations hint to
some of the above but most of our family data is based on the above
mentioned autobiography.

We are related to the HOROWITZ family (Rabbi I.S.) of Hartford, Ct.
and New York, but I have not been able coaborate any details through

If any of the above sounds familiar to anyone I would appreciate
hearing from you.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem
If the above