Seeking lost family FRUMKIN/LEVINSOHN/last news 1950 Kazakhstan/Moscow #ukraine #russia #names

Angie Elfassi


I dont know if there is a connection but I have a FRUMKIN on my tree:

Fane FRUMKIN b. 1897 daughter of Josuas FRUMKIN (might be Joshua) and Seine Jonasaite IONAS.

she married Azriel Yosef SHAKOV b. 1898 in 1935. His mother Dina nee REICHZELIGMAN b. 1866 is my 1st cousin 3 x removed making Azriel my 2nd cousin twice removed!

I believe that I got all of this information from JewishGen ...

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Angie Elfassi



My grandfather, Ilya Lewi was born in 1908 in Lodz. During world war I they run away with his parents to Russia, and with cousins. In 1921 he came back to Lodz but his cousins stayed in Ukraine. My grandfather  survived WWII in France, but lost his mother Ida Lewinsohn. He received news from his cousins who lived in AYAGUZ KAZAKHSTAN, Semipalatinsk region.
His aunt Rebecca Lewinsohn (born around 1876) was married with LEVI FRUMKIN, who was accounting.
They lived in Ayaguz from about 1937.
They had one son Ilya (born in 1908) who got married with a doctor. in 1947 he lived in Moscow, 8 impasse Mihalkovski.
They had a daughter.
Rebecca died in 1949, they lived in Ayaguz, 147, st, Podgornaya.
They also had a daughter called Bertha, who gave birth in 1930, may to Evguenia (Zhenia) who went to study in Moscow in 1948 in "Institut". She was born in Ukraine, Peretsfeld (a jewish colony).
She had a young brother Borya, Boris.
The last letter was from 1949, and it was written that the letter had been opened. Our cousins from Israel wrote in 1950 that they decided to stop writing so that they did not have trouble...
If ever, You've heard about The FRUMKIN, LEVINSON Family, it would be incredible, and I have no idea how to find them.
Best regards
Leila Ferault-Levy (Paris, France)